MICROCHIPPING the SNAKE (Elvira) that BIT ME !!! ~ (Required by law)

17 Μάι 2020
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It is time to microchip my Ball Python, Elvira.
Please note that it is required by law in my country for animals (depending on size) listed under CITES to be microchipped, which is no exception for snakes such as Ball Pythons and Boa Constrictors. If left un-chipped and caught by the wildlife authorities, severe action may be taken on the owner. However, in order to be chipped, the animal has to be taken to selected vets for examination to determine whether or not the animal is large/mature enough for the chip implant. As per what my vet mentioned, the minimum weight for a Ball Python to be safely chipped is 300 grams. Elvira is 450 grams at the time of this recording.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Meet little Elvira !!!
Love you too, Elvira.
MICROCHIPPING my BALL PYTHON snake [Penelope] !!!
Microchipping my Boa Constrictor [BCI] Snake
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  • I love your ball python, I've caught a water snake with my bare hands.

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  • Shes a metallic grass green and shes Soo beautiful!!

    Kaleb TruongKaleb TruongΠριν μήνα
  • I know this was filmed 3 months ago but I have a question^^ pls reply if u know the answer😊does it hurt the snakes????

    Sarah PagettSarah PagettΠριν 2 μήνες
  • What country does exotic lair lives?

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  • 273 people did not like elvire being microchipped

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  • I didn’t wanna member her well

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  • R.I.P YOU

    Itz evanItz evanΠριν 3 μήνες
  • Had no idea you kept a spider variant ball python. I can see its got the same neurological problems. How disgusting of you. Totally lost my respect. Bye dude.

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  • But what if you are keeping a poisonous snake that's the question

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  • What's microchipping

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  • I mean, I have my horsmicrochipped. It is required to show in FEI recognized shows, but it's nice if we ever get separated while riding out

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  • what is microchipping?BTW i didnt look at that bone when thy did that weird thing i was like NONOONONONONOONOPPEPPPE so idk what happened and what it is

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  • I had a friend who owned 2 garter snakes, females, seperated terrarios. She started to have problems when they started to bite her. I was taking care of them on her holiday and never had a problem.. if i would know she would just get rid of em... i would adopt them. They were sweethearts. Somehow this fella reminded me them.

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  • You deserve it

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  • You got 1 million subscribers when you got bit by Elvira

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  • "I have had her for as long as i can remember......i cant remember, 2 or 3 years?" - Exotics Lair

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  • Who else thought this said “snake clipping”

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  • If I keep my room clean for 4 weeks I will get a dwarf hamster which I will take care of but when I go back to school my mom will feed him or her

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  • What happened to the mama rat???

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  • I fucking love this channel dude your so funny and I learn so much !!!! Super dope channel! And I don’t usually stay following channels but this one I do!

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  • What country do you live in where you have to microchip a snake

    Dylan PlaysDylan PlaysΠριν 5 μήνες
  • In Florida you have to microchip certain snakes (Burmese python is the one most know about) because they are invasive, so if one was released, they can know who released it. It’s better than what it used to be, Burmese’s were banned not to long ago.

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  • Exotics the masochist

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  • So....they bred an arachnid with a ball python or do i not know something? lol

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  • They have to be chiped that people dont set their no longer loved snakes into the wild... good thing, I guess to control this :-)

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  • What country is he from?

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  • Who the fuck microchips a snake that dumb ass hell

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    • Plus in certain areas they HAVE to chip there animals. Gtfo

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  • I was bitten by a non lethal tarantula before

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  • I don't own reptiles so I'm sorry for my confusion but why is it considered by some cruel to microchip a snake? Does it hurt them?

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  • Why are you microchipping a snake cuz I mean no offence when I say this but most people are scared a snake it is most unlikely that someone will pick up a snake and take it to the vets to see who it belongs to and again I mean no offence it’s a real question x

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  • Is pissy chipped

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  • 4:47 *this part was hard to watch*

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  • What does he mean by chip!

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  • HI King retinol

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  • How come when he touches things I immediately panic and freak out

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  • For those who don't know: Microchipping is something an animal gets; it has a unique number that can be scanned and when put into a website you can figure out who owns the animal! It's an excellent way of proving ownership of an animal. Say he let's go of the snake or it gets out and starts causing issues and someone finally catches it. They can scan the chip and see that it is connected to him by name and phone number and also the name of the animal. Imagine losing your dog and someone find it, takes pictures and takes it to the vet and doesn't have a chip. Those same people decide to keep him and microchip him, but you find out they have him. You now cannot prove you owned the animal even with pictures as legally the animal is now in THEIR name. And I've seen it happen many times, its heartbreaking. And expensive trying to get your pet back.

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  • How is that a nice experience!?!?!?

    Shua KhangShua KhangΠριν 5 μήνες
    • Because it's good to know what it feels like. As a big reptile keeper I've been bitten multiple times by all sorts of animals. It happens. It's a good way to educate yourself and after a while its like....oh I got bit..lmao okay. Like you get used to it so it doesnt matter lol. So definitely a good experience :)

      PersephioniePersephionieΠριν 5 μήνες
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  • Although Pissy isn't in this video, this is a snake video so, Exotic's Lair, stop getting so close and touching Pissy because Pissy makes me think he's gonna bite you when he hisses at you.

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